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About GMP Publications

GMP Publications

GMP Publications, Inc. is a multimedia business to business firm catering to the regulated industry.


GMP Publications, Inc. is the parent umbrella company for our services groups which provide support, such as training, recruiting, publications, and auditing/validation services world-wide.


GMP Publications, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of niche publications to the regulated industry, with millions of self-promoting publications circulating world-wide.   GMP Publications has been in business since 1998 and now enjoys the exclusivity of being the world’s leading distributor of regulated books, guidelines and publications.


GMP Family of Businesses;


·    GMP Publications, Inc. – The world’s leading distributor of federal regulation materials, guidelines and publications.  Millions of books sold, with over 5500+ repeating customer base.

·    FDA.COM – On-line information portal for the regulated industry.  Millions of on-line visitors’ world-wide.

·    GXPNews – The weekly e-newsletter for the regulated industry – CDER, CBER, CDRH and the Federal Register.

·    The Auditing Group, Inc. – GXP Auditing, remediation and training services.

· – Turnkey validation services, Computer systems, Equipment, Processes and Systems.

·    GXP Recruiters, llc – Executive search firm for permanent and contract consultant placements.

·    GXP Conferences – Conferences supporting the GXP industry and standards.

o    GXP Academy - On site training for GXP training services.

o    GXP University - Off site training services with CEU accreditation.

·    GXP Auctions – Buying and selling of Bio-Pharma equipment, services and facilities.

·    FDAMD.COM – Regulated and credible information portal and discussion boards specific to regulated products, medical health, disease states and issues.

·    FDABL.COM – Regulated business and law information for the regulated industry.


GMP Publications, Inc. and FDA.COM


GMP Publications, Inc. is a multimedia and services company catering to the regulated industry.


FDA.COM is an information portal and discussion forum for business-to-business issues pertaining to Food, Drug, Biologics, Cosmetics and Medical Devices to regulated industry. 


With zero sales and marketing costs, FDA.COM and GMP Publications enjoys the success of reaching millions of potential customers world-wide.  With this large customer reach, the GMP Family brings an enormous audience to explore new businesses and ventures! 


GMP and FDA offer the ability of creating new business ventures and cross promote existing businesses.    

GMP and FDA offer a unique advertisement portal to any type of business!


Who is GMP Publications, Inc. and FDA.COM?


GMP Publications, Inc. and FDA.COM along with all of the family of businesses are owned and operated by, Mr. John F. Cuspilich and Mr. Michael Van Horn, both senior principals.

John has over 22 years in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry and Michael Van Horn with over 27 years in the printing and Advertisement industry.


GMP Publications, Inc. and FDA.COM has been in business since 1998.


GMP Publications, Inc. is a New Jersey Corporation since 2001.



GMP Publications, Inc. currently enjoys over 12,000+ customers throughout the world, with annual repeatable sales of over $800,000.00.  5500 + customers such as;


·    Novartis

·    Johnson & Johnson

·    Merck

·    Pfizer

·    Abbott

·    Baxter

·    Amgen

·    Watson

·    Glaxo SmithKline

·    Eli Lilly

·    Bayer

·    Genentech

·    McNeil

·    Wyeth

·    Sanofi-Aventis

·    UCB Group

·    US FDA

·    Genzyme

·    Roche

·    Cephanlon

·    AstraZeneca

·    Covance

·    Medimune

·    Teva Pharmaceutical


·    Schering-Plough

·    Bristol-Myers Squibb

·    Cardinal Health

·    King Pharmaceuticals

·    TEVA

·    ImClone

·    IPS

·    Chiron

GMP Publications, Inc. enjoys continued invitations by tradeshows, seminars and industry specific mutual sharing advertising opportunities with Reed Expo, PDA, and Marketing Congress shows.  GMP and FDA.COM has been conducting these shows for the last 8 years.


GMP and FDA.COM distributes over 10,000 handbooks to the industry at the tradeshows, making our booth one of the highest trafficked booths at the shows.


With over 200 titles of publications, we are known industry wide, world-wide as a source of credible up-to-date federal regulations, guidance documents and publications.  Our regulatory affairs department is responsible for conducting day-to-day quality review of the Federal Register. 


Currently located in Medford, NJ, GMP Publications, Inc. employs 6 full time production employees.


We specialize in on-demand publishing mixing and matching parts, guidance documents, and other customer files, such as Standard Operating Procedures, Employee Manuals, Safety and Regulatory Standards, etc…




21 CFR 112 Produce for Human Consumption
Canadian - SOR98-282 Medical Devices Regulations
503B Compounding and Packaging
FDA DEA GMP Master Reference Guide
21 CFR 11, 110, 117, 120 - Food GMPs
example: 211, ISBN, Drug, GMP, Etc. - Press Enter
GMP Training Mix and Match End of Year Special Featured Publication GCP Device GMP GCP-DRUG Featured Publication
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  • Employee Training & Reference
  • Promotional "giveaways"
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